Coyoacan affiliates program

A trip to Athens cannot be complete without a visit to its coast. Just a few kilometers from the city center, the “Athens Riviera” offers a hidden gem that awaits guests from all over the world. Varkiza Resort, a fully landscaped area, accommodate Coyoacan Playa, promising to provide guests with a holistic experience. In case you are a Travel Influencer, Tour Operator, Hotel/Villa Operator or Concierge Representative, who are responsible for incoming tourism, you can be our partner!

Coyoacan Playa offers a wide range of facilities and services to its visitors, catering to everyone’s needs. Make the most of your vacation by lying on a fabulous luxury bed on Varkiza’s most idyllic spot and gazing out at the deep blue sea. Relax by the sea while listening to music and sipping a refreshing beverage or a summer cocktail. Our experienced and talented chef and his team have taken over the reins of the kitchen and interprets a combination of Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine through a modern prism, faithfully following the philosophy of mexican family table style food. Anyone who taste our dishes should be able to experience the aromas and flavors with all the senses, from touch to smell to taste.

Exceptional concepts that take place all year long, are also an integral part of Coyoacan’s mindset. Our main goal is to create memorable daytime parties, each one of them has a conceptual background. You are able to design your own event just like you have imagined it. Our exclusive event planning services, either business or private, take those special moments one step further and create once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Be our partner and let your guests live an extraordinary experience….