Our human-centered space was designed as a temporary residence for those who want to reconnect with themselves. This is the place where sea, sun, sand, and air come together and become one. The essential part of reconnection is the nature. When you realize that you are deeply connected with mother nature and all of its elements, you can find yourself. Beach area unit people, and energies of all kinds to freely flow in and out.


We recognize that food does not begin on the plate, but rather in the dining experience as a whole. Guests at Coyoacan meet and share plates for a meal that is both a ritual and a celebration. Our experienced and talented chef and his team have taken over the reins of the kitchen and interprets a combination of Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine through a modern prism, faithfully following the philosophy of mexican family table style food. Anyone who taste our dishes should be able to experience the aromas and flavors with all the senses, from touch to smell to taste.

Restaurant serves from 09:00 to 01:00
Beach menu is served from 09:00 to 18.00


Lounge reflects the heart of the place. After enjoying the sea, sun and sand, our guests go to Lounge, where is the daytime party’s area. The space is framed by a well-designed bar serving exceptional cocktails and a DJ booth. Magical vibes dominate in the atmosphere, and you are totally free to create unforgettable memories.


Exceptional concepts take place all year long. This is Coyoacan’s mindset. Our main goal is to create memorable daytime parties, each one of them has a conceptual background. Nature consitues our inexhaustible source of inspiration and motivation for these events. Furthermore, depending on the circumstances, we can create a customized event based on your needs and desires.
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